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Once Born, Again. May 19, 2010

Posted by dennisgnosis in Sexuality.
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Sperm is the stuff of life.

It takes both a sperm and an ovum to make a new human being. You were created this way, through Sex. But, you already know that. Indeed, many of you, like myself, have engaged Sex and made, for yourselves, some new human beings!

Have you ever thought: “What an awesome thing it is that I get to participate in God’s ability to create new life!”? And that the participation itself is overflowing with good feeling and joy!”

John, the beloved disciple, penned a letter to all the ecclesias. It was a letter of doctrine and first century Christian understanding that we call ‘1 John’. And through our chapter and verse divisions we have culled out this thought:

“Everyone who is begotten of God is not doing sin, for His seed is remaining in him, and he can not be sinning, for he is begotten of God. In this are apparent the children of God and the children of the Adversary: everyone who is not doing righteousness is not of God, and who is not loving his brother.” I John 3:9-10 CLV 

Did you know that the Greek word translated ‘seed’ here is the Greek word sperma?  

Yep. That’s the very word that we get our word sperm from. There is another Greek word that means ‘plant seed’, but sperma, in Greek, only ever means  ‘sperm’; the stuff of life that issues from the male of a species when he ejaculates- One half of all that is needed for making new life, through Sex. 

And that, Gentle Readers, is the word John choose.  

Let’s read this passage again, with emphasis:  

“Everyone who is begotten of God is not doing sin, for His (God’s) sperm  is remaining in him, and he (the begotten one) can not be sinning, for he is begotten of God. In this (truth) are apparent the children of God and the children of the Adversary: (For) everyone who is not doing righteousness is not of God, and who is not loving his brother.”  

Well, apparently, Jehovah is not called a Father for nothing, eh? 

In fact, He is a very potent and very prolific Father!  

As I well know.  

Of course, this verse stunned me when I first read it, after I met Jesus and He ‘made love’ to me, making me His own. It stunned me because of the correct theology I was taught; for, logically speaking, it was contradictory to what I was taught.  

So, are you begotten of God?  

Because if you are then this scripture is telling you, like it did me, in very easy, very plain words and in simple sentences, like those one would write to a child, that you should find that you have stopped sinning; indeed you should find that you cannot sin, precisely because you are now a new human being begotten from the Divine Sperm of God, Himself! 

Like Father, like son (or daughter). Think about it. 

John also goes on to say that if you are still consciously sinning (I’ll write more on the human conscience later) then you are a child of the Adversary and that you are not a child of God. For, he says, everyone who is begotten of God behaves righteously and also loves, naturally (‘from his nature’, just as His Father does), his other begotten brothers (and sisters). 

And, through my experiences, since my own begetting, I have found this to be a Truth. 

So, how does that thought feel to you? 

Well, if you were raised on the logic of the same late-coming, medieval theology I was, the thought that John is presenting here, a Truth that the first century Christians were familar with, will likely feel really weird and even untruthful. 

And so, ask yourself, now, “Why haven’t our English translators, even in the most modern of New Testament translations, which claim to be ‘closer to the Greek’, used, consistently, the better English word ‘sperm’ here? These translators do know the difference, in Greek, after all. 

As a side note The Amplified Bible does include a paraphrase, within the text, that brings this thought out. That was how I first discovered this truth. 

THE most well known verse in the Bible is John 3:16. Even the unrighteous know this ‘Gospel in a nutshell’ quote. But have you ever contemplated that it is culled from a conversation that Jesus had with Nicodemous, a truly righteous but somewhat confused and very religious human- confused because Jesus’ words seemed bizzare, well beyond the things things that he was taught were truth- in which Jesus engaged human Sex as a metaphor?  

John was there, too, listening to the conversation and soaking it all in.  

Here is his account of this fantastic conversation: 

Now there was a man of the Pharisees, Nicodemus his name, a chief of the Jews. This one came to Him (surreptitiously) by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we are aware that You are a Teacher come from God, for no one can be doing these signs which You are doing, if God should not be with Him.”

Jesus answered and said to him, “Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If anyone should not be begotten anew, he can not perceive the kingdom of God.”  

Nicodemus is saying to him, “How can a man, being a veteran, be begotten? He can not be entering into the womb of his mother a second time and be begotten!”  

Jesus answered, “Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If anyone should not be begotten of water (a physical birth, a reference to amniotic fluid) and of spirit, (another conception and birth) he can not be entering into the kingdom of God. That which is begotten by the flesh is flesh, and that which is begotten by the spirit is spirit. You should not be marveling that I said to you, ‘You must be begotten anew.’ The blast is blowing where it wills, and the sound of it you are hearing, but you are not aware whence it is coming and where it is going. Thus is everyone who is begotten by the water and the spirit.” (Original Greek, emphasis mine) 

Nicodemus answered and said to Him, “How can these things be?”  

Jesus answered and said to him, “You are a teacher of Israel, and these things you do not know? Verily, verily, I am saying to you that of that which We have perceived are We speaking, and to that which We have seen are We testifying, and Our testimony you are not getting. If I told you of the terrestrial and you are not believing, how shall you be believing if I should be telling you of the celestial? And no one has ascended into heaven except He Who descends out of heaven, the Son of Mankind Who is in heaven. And, according as Moses exalts the serpent in the wilderness, thus must the Son of Mankind be exalted, that everyone believing on Him should not be perishing, but may be having life eonian. For thus God loves the world, (and every human in it) so that He gives His only (Sex) begotten Son, that everyone who is believing in Him should not be perishing, but may be having life eonian. For God does not dispatch His Son into the world that He should be judging the world, but that the world (and every human being in it) may be saved through Him.” John 3:1-17 CLV. 

As usual, there is a treasure trove of Truth to be found in every sentence Jesus spoke here. 

But, for now, my emphasis is on the begetting of new human beings; for begetting is Sex. 

Jesus was born from Sex; the very same Sex that we utilize to make new humans. In other words, a very real, very alive, but Divine Sperm entered a real human ovum inside the womb of Miriam, a young, human maiden, virgin to Sex, who conceived, while still remaining a virgin, that is, with her hymen still intact and carried a Human Baby to full term.

And thus the Personality/Spirit of whatever Jesus was before this radical and permanent transformation took place, came to reside, forever after, in a Human Being because of this Divine Sperm. 

Have you perceived that this transformation of the manifestation of the plurality of God was, indeed, permanent? 

If not, does this truth change how you feel about what God did to redeem you? 

Here is Luke’s account of how this unique, world–changing event, written down after interviewing Miriam for his book, would be perceived by Miriam: 

And answering, the messenger said to her, “Holy spirit (not The Holy Spirit) shall be coming on you, and the power of the Most High shall be overshadowing you (enveloping you in brilliant light); wherefore also the holy One Who is being generated shall be called the Son of God.” Luke 1:35 CLV 

Recall, now, the words that John records Jesus spoke to that sexually sinful Samaritan woman who came to draw water from Jacob’s spring in the heat of the day, so as to avoid the ridicule of the other, more righteous women of the city: 

God is spirit, and those who are worshiping Him must be worshiping in spirit and truth.” John 4:24 CLV 

Didn’t Jesus say to Nicodemous “…that which is born of spirit is spirit”? And so, as fantastic as it may seem to contemplate, does it seem untruthful to say that something like Sex happens to a human being’s spirit (the ‘ovum’) who encounters Jesus, the only Sex-born and thus Divinely Human Son of God?

When I met Jesus and he ‘made love’ to me I had no idea what was happening to me. I just know that something profound and joyous happened when, as I was crying bitter tears of remorse for my sins, because of His showing me the ugliness I was, I perceived that He did something to my conscience and cleansed it. It was an exquisite feeling of being entered that immediately turned my tears of remorse into overwhelming tears of joy.

I felt, after, exactly like I do when I am spent from making passionate love to my wife. Later, through scripture and the proper use of logic, I deduced what had happened to me. These are the very things I have written out for you, my Gentle Readers, today. 

Upon my realization of these things, my muse was inspired to write this poem which I will be including in a little book of erotic poetry I hope to self-publish one day, soon enough, my Creative God willing. 

Perhaps you can identify with it.

Once Born, Again
Once, long ago,
as we measured time then,
you seduced me.
You enticed me with your promises,
but, it was your unrelenting desire
that gradually drew me,
until my heart overruled my mind
and not knowing what to expect,
I finally surrendered myself to you.
You swore vows to me then
as you embraced me;
vows I soon learned I could trust.
My guilt ravaged spirit
trembled with new emotion
as you skillfully aroused in me desire
unlike any I’d ever known,
preparing me
for what you were about to do.
Suddenly, you entered me.
That moment seared itself
into my conscience
as I cried in anguish
from the exquisite pain;
my spirit receiving you;
virgin in this infant desire,
but far from innocent.
And in that moment,
when you engulfed me,
and possessed me
and released into me
your sperm-
as I felt it’s warmth
spread through my soul,
joining itself to me
and creating a new life-
the pain was gone;
replaced by tears of joy
as I wept uncontrollably
to feel your presence
deep inside me.
In that moment, time ceased
and there was just you and me.
As you intended,
in your knowing wisdom,
the memory of that moment
has lasted till this day.
That new life
you conceived and birthed in a second
grew inside me,
day after day,
experience after experience,
changing me
into someone
I never thought I wanted to be;
changing me
into someone
that you could love forever;
changing me
into your bride.
Now, we are here together,
alone again,
at last.
Your body,
scarred and beautiful,
close to mine,
your marked face glowing,
filling me with light;
your eyes, filled with desire,
looking deep into mine;
your hands,
pierced, but bloodless,
caressing me,
drawing me into you.
There is now no Sex
that separates us
into just Male and Female.
There is nothing anymore
that can ever separate us
as the gratitude in my soul
and the love in my spirit
and the desires in this brand new body
overwhelm me
as we enter into each other,
setting my emotions free to soar,
feeling my spirit once again
joined to yours.
This time,
my Savior and my Lord,
The Lover of my soul,

And thus was I re-sired of Jehovah. I now belong to another, even Jesus The Christ, Who is to be given, for His Bride and as His reward for His obedience and suffering, the first ‘crop’ of humans to believe the Good News that The Father sent Jesus from heaven to become a Human Being, The very Son of Man, so that He would redeem the world, one human being at a time, and restore it to what it was originally intended to be, but was lost, so long ago, in the Garden of Delights.

Be good, then, my Gentle Readers. It should be easy enough to do, if you are, indeed, a human being now re-sired of Jehovah’s Divine Sperm. 

For that is what I have found to be the Truth.