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Apollo 8 April 16, 2010

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You are God. 

You watch as Men and Women, united by purpose, have sent a spacecraft to orbit the moon. For four days the three men in the cramped spacecraft have been watching the moon growing larger through it’s tiny window with every minute that passes. At last, they reach the critical point where they fire the engine retroactively, slowing them down just enough to glide effortlessly into a  precise equitorial orbit.

The math worked.

And the spacecraft.

They’re, now, the first humans to see the moon up close and soon the whole world will be  listening intently to what they have to say. 

It’s December 24th, 1968 A.D., Christmas Eve. The day when almost all of Mankind stops, for just  a minute, to think on the birth of Your Son;  The Gift of Salvation to a world where most are usually too caught up in themselves to be bothered with what their Creator and Father is thinking. 

You know the names and the hearts of these brave men, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders. And so You know that they have hatched a secret plan to read, back to the Earth, from Your Words, during a black&white television message that they don’t know You intend to use to reestablish the hearts of those Many who cried out to you in prayer about the horrific year of turmoil that 1968 A.D. was for the nation that built this spacecraft and sent it here, with men aboard.

Right now, though, for entering orbit, they are very busy taking pictures of the unknown far side of the moon, in preperation for those who would soon follow this newly blazed celestial path all the way to it’s surface. You smile, watching them, because  You have prepared a special gift for them and them alone- A gift of love prepared just for them that they might know You a little better, as only they could, for being here.  A gift that they will, nonetheless, be able to share with the world. 

They come around from the far side of the moon filled with fascination for the magnificent desolation they see below them. And at that moment, when their orbit carries them around to the edge of the known face of the moon, Jim Lovell looks out the tiny window and calls to You. 

“Oh, my God! Will you look at that!” 

They see The Earth, the beautiful Earth that you love so much, for it is the home of Your children, hanging there in Black Nothingness, blue and beautiful, beautiful- Beautiful beyond words to express. These men are now privileged to have, installed into their minds, an image of the Earth that, before they came here, only You could see. 

William Anders and Frank Borman turn to see this sight… and they gasp, stopped dead in what they were doing. Then, being the well trained men that they are, they react just in time and the cameras swing around and click and whirr taking as many photographs as possible before this image, forever burned in to their minds, passes out of view for  being seen only through the tiny window of opportunity that they have to view this panorama of soul inspiring beauty. 

“Serendipity” They began to call it back home, when the photograph’s were developed and this one emerged from the processor, drawing the breath short in all who first saw it. Serendipity. 

But You smile, knowing better. It was William Anders, on his first and only space voyage, who was to be the holy one to capture these unique colour images that will inspire humans all over the world as he paused long enough to get it just right before he snapped the shutter. Inspiration for all who see it and contemplate it, to stop and consider, even if just for a moment, that You created all of this just for your children and that, perhaps, we are being petty children after all. 

And then, after this moment of Serendipity has passed, with the television link established back to the very Earth that they just saw through the eyes of God, on Christmas Eve night 1968 A.D., the world listens as, a little later, William Anders clears his throat and begins reading, from Your Words, words that take on a meaning they could have never had before:

“For all the people on Earth the crew of Apollo 8 has a message we would like to send you”.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…”