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“You be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect” -Jesus The Christ April 29, 2010

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Greetings My Gentle Readers!

I hope you enjoyed my last post and that it moved you to see things from a different perspective- like the Apollo 8 crew saw the earth from a different perspective and it changed them-forever.

Because that is what this blog is really all about, perspective- seeing things from a different point of view. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

THE title of this blog is a quote from scripture that used to really send me into a tailspin. You see, I used to be a very good, religious human.

And so, I could not understand why this quote seemed to be saying what it was saying, because, if it did, then, logically speaking,  it went against the theology that I was taught was the truth. A theology that could be summed up in the axiomatic conclusion I heard quite often from the pulpit:

“We sin every day!”  

So, how can He be saying to me that I am to be perfect- just as The Father is perfect?

It was quite unsettling. Just as it should have been, I was later to find out.

But, the answer was not to be found in the theology I was taught. In fact, I soon learned, from the answers I received, when I brought questions about this quote to those who taught and who, I perceived, were deft with scripture,  not to ever ask about these words of Jesus’!

They were words, I was told, that were meant for the Jews.

And so these words haunted me for a long time. What could He mean except that it was possible for me to be perfect, just as the Father is perfect?

According to correct theology, that just didn’t make any logical sense!

THEN, one day, I met Jesus.

 I didn’t meet Him after I walked the aisle for being scared shitless by a sermon on hell. And I didn’t meet Him after I got to repeat a prayer and fill out a card and shake the deacon’s hand and hear him say, “Congratulations! You’re saved!”

I felt relieved, sure. And why shouldn’t I? According to correct theology, I wasn’t going to go to hell anymore! I was saved.

But, no, I didn’t meet Him then. Nor any of the many other times after that experience, when I walked the aisle, feeling wracked with guilt because of my sins, as well as for the words I heard from the pulpit,  to re-dedicate my life to Him.

Because I still continued to sin, every day, just like I was taught.

Until that day I met Jesus. And that is how I know that I didn’t meet Jesus all those other times.

Because on the day I met Jesus, He ‘made love’ to me. And it was unforgettable.

That’s a weird thing to say, isn’t it?  Sounds almost… blasphemous!

But, I’ll speak more of that in my next post.

THIS signature line appears under all my posts on  The Marriage Bed (I am Eleutheros):

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”-Winston Churchill

“Therefore, you be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”-Jesus Christ

Here then, after my re-siring and after not a few years of  changes upon changes toward maturity, is my new perspective on this formerly haunting quote of Jesus’.

The Greek word Jesus uses here that is translated ‘perfect’, telios,  better means ‘to be completed’, ‘lacking nothing needed’, ‘to be finished’.

Hence, to ‘be perfect’. (Do you think something might have gotten lost in translation?)

Like a carpenter will work on a new creation of his till his creation reaches a point where there is nothing more that needs to be done. The new creation is then, telios. And of course, the carpenter, at that point, would step back, feeling pride in his work and say, beaming with admiration and love, “It is perfect!”

 All metaphors are intended.

And so, just like the good, carefully selected wood the carpenter is using in this new creation undergoes radical transformation, undergoes change after change, to become what it will be, good and complete, while still keeping the qualities that make it a good wood, so will those who have been re-sired of Jehovah undergo change. And often. And permanently, as He works the good, living ‘wood’ of a human’s blood-soul/personality-spirit towards something that is simultaneously a work of art and functional.

Re-sired of Jehovah.

 Like Father, like son (or daughter). Think about it.

And please come back again, if I’ve sparked your curiosity, because  I’ll be writing more on that subject in my next post as I share with you more and more of what I mean when I say:

Be good!

Just as you were created to be!